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1862 Aug. 27 Letter to Sarah Blain (3705) from T.C. Giles

Letter written in ink on three sides of a folded sheet, paper deteriorating with many holes. Dated August 27, 1862, from T C Giles, Paint Mills to Sallie (Sarah Blain) (3705).

Paint Mills August 27th 1862

Dear Friend Sallie (3705),

I do suppose you think I have forgotten you, but such is not the case at all, for I think of you very often. Well then, you ask in the name of common sense, why did I not answer your letter sooner? Why, I will just try to tell you why I was so neglectful in the first place.

I was waiting to see a certain somebody you know. And I have seen him, but did not get the opportunity to ask him anything about those things we talked of. One thing I am sure, he has nothing against you. For when I told him you had gone to Granville he said he had intended time and again to have come down to see you. And something would always happen that he would not get to come. But he said if he had known you was going away he would have come anyway. He says when you come home then we will take the ------------ that we talked of a long time ago.

So much for the first reason. The next one was I did not have any paper (and this is very poor stuff that I am writing on).
So much for excuses. No, I well ------------. Last but not least one is --------------boy has enlisted and gone to Camp Denison. And that is the last excuse.

And if there is a good many mistakes in this letter I hope you will excuse them. And also in consideration of my many excuses and trouble, I hope you will forgive my tardiness in writing and answer this as soon as you get it. And I will promise to do better hereafter. And write as soon as I get yours if nothing happens to prevent me. Oh, Phil Renick is at home; and Rick, Will, and Hat has gone to Columbus at last.

Well Sallie, I have wrote everything I can think of at present & will come to a close now as ever your friend.

T C Giles

Sue sends her love to you.

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