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1856 Aug. 17 Letter to Sarah Blain (3705) from Mary Stergeon

The letter is written in ink on four sides of a single sheet of paper that has been folded. The sheet of paper is edged in gold. It is dated August 17, 1856 from Mary J Sturgeon (?) in Kossuth, Iowa to Miss Sarah Blain (3705) in Chillicothe, Ohio.

Kossuth, Iowa Aug 17, 1856

Dear Sallie (3705),

I this morning sit down to write to you. You must excuse me for not writing sooner for I have been very busy quilting. I have quilted my carpenter fancy and it looks very nice. And I have a quilt in now - it is called the beggars block, but I did not beg it. It is about half done. It is joined with pink. When you come out to see me you shall sleep under it. I think you could sleep so nice.

We did not go to church today. Yesterday evening John and I took a ride into the timber to see if we could find any grapes. There is more grapes and wild plums out here than you would shake a stick at. The trees are just as full as they can hold and they are beginning to get ripe. I wish you and mother was out here and we would have such a nice time a gathering plums. And there is the most hazelnuts out here also and they are so large. I want to know whether there was any blackberries in your country or not. There was not any out here, I believe.

The corn looks very well. I think it is going to be very good if nothing happens. Yesterday John was running after some chickens for supper and he ran into the bushes and tore one of his pantaloons leg half off.

Sarah (3705), I think that you ought to be out here to get to school in this state. Rufus Sturgeon talks of coming out this fall and going to school. Tell Ann and Mother that if they do not write oftener I will give them a good scolding. John says you must tell Ann that he has been looking for a letter from her for some time. Tell Mother that I have been looking for them Dogaratypes for some time. Sarah (3705), I would like to see yours. I think that you might send it to me. I want you to tell me what you are doing this summer and what Mother and Ann is working at.

I would like to spend an evening with you, but it is hard to tell when we will see each other. It may never be in this world. Oh I would like to see my Mother and dear little sisters. I will never forget the day that I parted from them. Tell your uncle Billy (3562) that if he comes to Iowa he must not forget me. He must come to see me. I suppose that you will miss your aunt Sallie very much. Sallie, when you write to me write and tell me everything you can think of. You have the advantage of me in writing, for I am acquainted with the people there and you are not out here, so I am at a loss to know what to write. I do not expect that my letter will interest you much.

I will have to end this letter. When you write I want you to write long letters, for it does me so much good to read your letters. Give my love to your Mother (3565) and Uncle (3562) and be sure to receive a large portion for yourself. So no more this time. Write soon as you get this.

Yours affectionately
Mary J Sturgeon

Miss Sarah Blain (3705)
Chillicothe, Ohio

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