Thursday, February 17, 2011

1797 William Chandler/Hannah Winder Marriage Certificate

Marriage Certificate written in ink on sheepskin (?), recording the marriage of William Chandler (3512) to Hannah Winder on March 29, 1797. The document is folded six times. It measures approximately 14.5 inches high and 18 inches wide. All interior lettering is clear and bright. Exterior writing is faded.


Marriage Certificate
William Chandler (3512)
Hannah Winder



Whereas William Chandler (3512), son of William Chandler (3502), deceased, of the County of Washington and State of Pennsylvania, and Hannah Winder, daughter of John Winder of the county and state aforesaid, having declared their intentions of marriage with each other before several monthly meetings of the people called Quakers, in the county and state aforesaid, according to the good order used among them, and having consent of parents and relations concerned, their said proposals of marriage were allowed by the said Meeting.

Now these are to certify whom it may concern that, for the full accomplishment of their said intentions, this twenty-ninth day of the third Month in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred ninety-seven, they, the said William Chandler and Hannah Winder, appeared in a public assembly of their said people, there met together at the usual Meeting House of Fellowship in the county and state aforesaid, and the said William Chandler, taking the said Hannah Winder by the hand, did in solemn manner openly declare that he took her to be his wife, promising through the Lord’s assistance to be unto her a loving and faithful husband until death should separate them. And then and there in the said assembly the said Hannah Winder did in the like manner declare that she took the said William Chandler to be her husband, promising to be unto him a loving and faithful wife through the Lord’s assistance until death should separate them. And moreover they then said, William Chandler and Hannah Winder, she according to custom of marriage assuming the sire name of her husband as a further confirmation thereof, did then and there to these present set their hands; and we whose names are undersubscribed being amongst others present at the solemnization of their said marriage, and superscription aforesaid, as Witnesses have hereunto set our hands the day and year first above written.

Rhebecah Allen - Mary England - Abner Winder - William Chandler
Levi Warner - Josslina Dixson - Elizabeth Winder - Hannah Chandler
Hannah Kerns - Dinah Dixson - Deborah Allen
Margaret Kerns - John Allmon - Mary England
Elisabeth Dixson - Isreal England - John Winder
James Milleson - Sam Allen - Margaret Winder
Amos Hough - John Allen - James Winder
Elizabeth Hough - Wm Allen - Benj. Kerns
Joseph Pennock - Sam Gregg - Sarah Kerns
Hannah Pennock - Hannah England - Isaac Warner
Henry Speers - Sarah Hannoh - Mary Warner

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