Saturday, February 26, 2011

1857 Feb. 17 Poem Written by Sarah C. Hess (3563)

Poem written in ink on paper by Sarah Hess (3563) February 17, 1857.

The Indian Hunter

Let me go to my home in the far distant West
To the scenes of my childhood that I love the best
Where the tall cedars flourish and bright waters flow
Where my parents will greet me. White man let me go

Let me go to the hills and the valleys so fair
Where I first breathed life in my own mountain air
Where through the rough forest with quiver and bow
I have follow’d the wild deer – oh! there let me go

Let me go to the land where the cataract plays
Where oft I have sported in earlier days
Where dwells my poor mother whose heart o’erflow
At the sight of her lost one – oh! there let me go

Let me go to my father by whose valiant side
I have sported so oft in the height of my pride
And exalted to conquer the insolent foe
To my father the chieftain – oh! there let me go

And oh let me go to my dear dark eyed maid
Who first taught me to love neath the willows cool shade
Who bounds like a fawn and is pure as the snow
And who loves her dear Indian – to her let me go

Oh! then let me go to my fair forest home
And never again will I venture to roam
Then there let my body in ashes lie low
To the land of my fathers – White man let me go

Sarah Hess (3563) Feb 17 1857

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