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1835 Mar. 26 Letter to William Chandler (3512) from William Chandler (3562)

The letter is written in ink on one inner side of a folded sheet. It is from William Chandler Jr. (3562) in Columbus, Illinois, to William Chandler (3512) in Ross County, Ohio, and is addressed “Dear Father and Mother.” It is dated or post marked on page 1 (address page) as March 31st 1835, but dated at the beginning of the letter text “March the 26”.


William Chandler (3512)
Ross County
Columbus, Illinois
March 31st 1835


March the 26

Dear father (3512) and mother,

I can inform you that I am in tolerable good health. We arrived in 14 days from the time we left Deer Creek to the bottom. The weather was very cold most of the time and the roads rough. Stock is scare and generally high. Five or six buyers have been in this part of the country, and many who have good stocks do not wish to sell on terms. We have bought about 115 and I think we will be able to find as many as we shall want.

Our friends where all well at present. I have been quite contented since I left home. We shall not leave here before the 10th or 15th of May. I shall probably write again before we leave here. I should be glad to hear from you all and want you to write to Alexander Bell so that a letter will get to him before we get that far on our way home.

I have not yet been on the Missouri side, though I have been to the river frequently and seen some boats passing. No more at present.

William Chandler (3562)

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