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1861 Dec. 22 Letter to Sarah Blain (3705) from Sallie McKinnik

Letter written in ink on two sides of a single sheet, dated December 22, 1861. From Sallie McKinnik in Chillicothe, Ohio, to Sarah Blain (3705).

Chillicothe, Ohio Dec 22nd 1861

Dear Sallie (3705),

I sit down to write you a hasty letter. I am now living in Chillicothe. It is quite lonely here for me and I thought, as it was raining and I was lonely, I would write you a short letter.

I often think of the pleasant visit I had while at your house. Well I have not seen Will or his pony since. You see by that you are not making much progress in speaking good words for me. Oh, Sallie, I would like to see you so well. I suppose you have seen Aunt Hannah (3565?) since her return.

Sallie, I wish you would please send my album to me. Maybe you can send
it by Mr. Renick’s folks or by Mr. Lumbeck’s. Tie it up and leave it at Mr. Isaac Cary’s grocery. Maybe you’d better direct it to me in care of him for fear I might not get it. Please send it as soon as you can.

Write to me Sallie and I will answer. Call and see me when you are in town. So goodbye for the present.

Your Friend,
Sallie McKinnik

Sallie Blain (3705)

PS don’t forget my Christmas gift.


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