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1855 June 8 Letter to Sarah Blain (3705) from Sarah Hess (3563)

Letter written on two sides of a single sheet from Sarah Hess in Sharonville, Pike County, Ohio to Sarah Blain (3705) in Chillicothe, Ross County, Ohio.

Sharonville Pike Co Ohio June 8th 1855

Dear Sarah (3705)

I take this opportunity to let you know that I am as well as usual accepting bad colds and a misery in my back which I am troubled with a great deal. The rest of the family are all well. Samuel is complaining of the head ache some today. I am alone this week. Sarah Jane has gone to Waverly on a visit and the other two girls is going to school to Mr Dewy. He keeps a select school in the old house on our lot.

This would have been a good chance for you Sarah. Tommy White comes and I know that would be a great inducement with you. The children says their school will be out in four weeks or I would not be surprised to see you hastening down with your carpet bag to put in what time there is on Tommy’s account.

You must not mind my nonsense Sarah. You know that I always like to plague you.

I received a few lines from you dated May 17th and was glad to hear you were all well. I want to see you all again particular William (3762) and your mother (3765). When you get this take a few of your spare moments and let me know how and let me know how you all are and how you are fareing with high water. We have had such hard rains lately here that if it’s a general rain the river must be very high. Night before last and yesterday it rained very hard which raised the streams very high. Yesterday in the forenoon a boy by the name of Bostick that lived with Barnett fell in Wilsons Run off the bridge and was drowned. They have not found his body yet. They think likely he was washed out into the river. He was an orphan boy. His parents are dead.

Sarah your friends here are all well for ought I know. I have not seen your little kinswoman Hannah since I received your letter. I should like to see you all oftener than I do if it could be so. Tell me everything when you write. No more at present but my love to you all.

Sarah C Hess (3563)

Sarah Chandler Blain (3705)

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