Tuesday, February 22, 2011

1828 Mar. 29 Land Transfer to William Chandler (3512)

Note transferring Pike County (?) land from Samuel Lunbeck to William Chandler (3512), March 29, 1828, in Ross County, Ohio

I hereby assign transfer and pledge to William Chandler (3512) as indemnity to him, his heirs, executors, administrators, assigns two hundred and fifteen acres of land and title bond for that quantity executed by William Lunbeck to me - being dated April 14th 1824 – one for two hundred acres of land & the other for fifteen acres of land, upon condition if the said William Chandler shall come today prejudice and discharge in consequence of being my security to obtain owing in notion of the judgment of John Carlisle, in the Supreme Court of Ross County Ohio, and I shall indemnify him against such loss prejudice & damages and pay all costs & charges, then this instrument shall cease and ... In witness thereof I have consent to set my hand and seal this day.

March 29 1828

Samuel Lunbeck

In presence of
Andrew Watts
Benjamin Lunbeck

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