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1862 Feb. 8 Letter to Sarah Blain (3705) from Hattie Lumbeck

Letter written in ink on four pages of a single folded sheet, dated February 8, 1862. From Hattie Lumbeck “at school” to Sallie (Sarah Blain (3705).)

At school Feb 8th 1862

Dear Sallie (3705),

As I promised to write you a letter I thought I would try to fulfill my promise. Lide Renick sent you a letter last night. I thought some of writing to you yesterday but I was writing to one of my friends and I did not get to write to you. But I hope you will excuse me for not writing sooner.

When was Joe down last? Has he been down since I was down there? Since that he is helping John in the store for him now while he is sick. I expect he will get rich by it. You ought to go down there. I expect he might give you a dress if you would go down. Have you paid any more since that night I was down there? I would like to go down there again. Jake said to me yesterday to say to mother this morning when I would start to school. To tell her I was coming down to see Sally tonight. And I told him no. I would not tell that story. And he said I could go and that would not be telling any stories. But I cannot come down, for we are looking for Joe to come home this week. And so I do not want to go for fear he will come while I was gone away. I look in the coach every time it goes up, but I do not know whether he will come in the coach or not. He may come on the train. But I do not care which way so he comes here.

Giles has been writing to you - but I believe she is done writing it. I expect you will think this is a great letter but I am writing at school and if it is not good enough you must excuse it for this time. Well Sallie I will have to close pretty soon for my sheet is getting full and I have not much more. When you write to me write me a long letter and I will write you a longer one next time.

I would like for you to answer this tonight if you can and send it up to me in the morning by Jake - if it is not to much trouble to you. I will close. I am your friend.

Hattie Lumbeck

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