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1853 Apr. 5 Letter to Sarah Blain (3705)

The letter is written in ink on paper. It is to Miss Sarah Blain (3705) from Molly McKay (?). Writing appears only on one side of the page, and there is no address save that at the bottom of that one page.

April 5th 1853

My Dear Sarah (3705),

I have sit down to write to you to let you know that we are all well at present and I hope that those few lines will find you the same. Mother went up to uncle William Mc last Saturday and stayed till Tuesday. Ann and I went up to Lunbeck and stayed until Monday morning. Rebecca and Joseph and I went to Sunday school. It rained all the time we was gone but we went in the carriage. I did think a bout coming down to your house, and I thought that I had went down to your house so much that I was ashamed to go. I want to know the reason that you did not come up at our house the night of the debate. Mag Stinson and Lizzy was here and Mag went with me. We looked for you till dark. I want you to come and go with me next Friday to the Examination at Chesnuts school house on Friday. I will come by the school house for you if you will go. We will walk up to Uncle Arches and Mag says she will go with us and we will come home Saturday morning. Soon now you must go.

I will tell you one more thing. Mr. Rolingpin was hear a few minutes ago. He came up to Henry Renicks today. We have got our quilt most done. So no more at present but still remain your affectionate friend until death. Write soon as you get this.

Molly McCay

To Miss Sarah Blain (3507)
write soon

My pen is bad
My ink is frail
My love to you shall never fail

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