Monday, February 28, 2011

1862 Aug. 2 Letter to Sarah Blain (3705) from William Blain

Letter written in ink on three sides of a single folded sheet, dated August 2, 1862. From William Blain in Sharonville, Ohio, to his sister (Sarah Blain) (3705).

Sharonville, Ohio August 2, 1862

Dear Sister,

I received your letter of July 28 and was glad to hear from you and that you was improving. You say that your diet is light, but I reckon that will be all the better for you if you think you are improving. Don’t mind the long walks and small cakes made of unbatted flour. Miss Sandton says she feels sorry for anyone that has to stay there, but she got better soon after she got there.

We are all well. John and Hannah has been up to your home. The old woman Slane has lain very sick. Jane is here staying with the old woman. I herd from Charlie today. They are all well. Mary Ann and Todd send there love to you and says for you to hurry and get well and come down and they will give you something better then that little cake. As for Mr. & Mrs. Sleat, and Becky Chestnut getting married, it is no go. Mary Condon had a claim of long standing.

Excuse my bad writting and bad spelling. Write And tell us more how you are getting along. As often as you can. Nothing more at present, only remain your Brother

William Blain

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