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1791 Sept. 28 Letter from William Chandler (3503) to His Son William (3512)

Letter written in ink on one sheet of paper, from William (3503) and Rebecca Chandler to their son, William (3512) Chandler, on the 28th day of the 9th month of 1791. It is addressed to William Chandler in Washington County (Pennsylvania?) in care of Joseph Allen Hess. NOTE: This letter records the death of Hannah Chandler, the sister of William (3512). Hannah Chandler is not recorded by Gilbert Cope in the Chandler family genealogy. The letter also mentions Joseph Chandler (3509).


William Chandler (3512)
Washington County
Redstone, to the care
of Joseph Allen


Respected son,

These may inform thee that we are all middling well in health through mercy, though exercised in mind at present for the loss of thy sister Hannah that is deceased the 23 day of this 9 month. She was taken very ill with a chilly fit, and a fever ensued and became a dumb ague which took her off in 12 days, which is very trying to myself as well as her family and friends.

We wrote several times to thee, more than thee gives account of. We received thy letter sent by Jesse Townsend and are in expectation to see thee come home this fall. We desire to be remembered to our friends and relatives. & if it suits when on the road home to come by thy brother Joseph (3509), I should be glad to hear of his welfare.
Not having further at present, I conclude with love to thee and friends in general - brother Joseph and family in particular.

ye 28 of ye 9 mo 1791
Wm (3503) & Rebecca Chandler

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