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1853 May 11 Letter to Sarah Blain (3507)

The letter is written in ink on paper. It is written on two sides of one page, and is addressed on the back. The writer is Molly McKay (?) and the addressee is Salla (Sally?) Blain (3705).


At home May 11th 1853

Dear Salla (3705),

I again take my pen in hand to let you know that I am well at this present time and I hope that when this comes to hand you will be enjoying the same. I will let you know that I was very sorry that day I went away when you was a coming down to our house to spend the afternoon with me. But I expect you think you spent the afternoon more pleasant than you would have done with me. You would a not come and stay every time with me.

We went to uncle Arches for Mrs. Eggleston was not at home for she had gone
to Waterloo to see her sister. I received a letter from Matilda Titer. She says that she is very well pleased with her school. She said that she wrote my letter at noon and she was writing like lightening for it was most one o’clock.

I have been looking for company all day. Mag said that they would come if nothing prevented. It was Mag Stinson and Miss Malone. I want you to come up next Sabbath and go to church for there is preaching and Sabbath school. I suppose that you surly will come if you are not dead. Do come if you please. For it will be a great accommodation to me for I have something to tell you I know you would like to hear. I will not tell you if you do not come up to see me.

I will have to bring this scribble to a close fore my pen is so dreadful bad I gess it has got the spraddles. But I expect you do not now what it meanes. But if you will come up I will show it to you and let you judge it yourself.

Now I expect you think I have made a pretty place on this paper Sallo. Do not laugh at this letter. But I expect you will. I expect you think I trouble you more than I am worth. You do not think worth while to write to me. Now Sally do write. No more at present but still remain your most affectionate friend.

Molly McKay

PS The girls has come. I wish you were here. Come up Sunday. No more.
Molly McKay

Write soon



Salla Blain (3705)

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