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1856 Aug. 27 Letter to Sarah Blain (3705) from Sarah Hess (3563)

The letter is written in ink on two sides of a single sheet of paper. Dated August 27, 1856, it is from Sarah Hess (3563) in Decatur, Illinois to Sarah Blain (3705) in Chillicothe, Ohio.

August 27th 1856
Decatur Macon Co Illinois

Dear Sarah (3705)

I take my pen to inform you that we are all well at present and I hope that these few lines may find you all well. I expect you all think of me sometimes and wonder where I am and how I got along. We are still living in Decatur in the house where we first stopped, in with Allan Hays. Allan has got homesick and has sold his things off and expects to start back to Ohio tomorrow week. Samuel has rented the house up to the first of October. The house is small – 2 rooms below and a small bedroom upstairs. A pretty good well of water at the door but no stalling or any other convenience on the lot. At ten dollars per month rents here are very high. You can’t get any kind of house for much less than ten dollars per month.

I don’t know whether we will remain in town through the winter or not, but most likely we will. Samuel has been looking round a good deal to try and rent a farm but has not succeeded in suiting himself yet. Land is plenty but houses are scarce. He took a trip over in the Gasaway Settlement and spent three or four days amongst them, and likewise saw Daniel Hambleton. You all recollect honest Daniel no doubt. He has rented his farm and moved to town – Pulaski - as he may send his children to school. He is standing in a stove himself. He tells Samuel Phoebe is getting very fleshy. They all wish very much to see me and Samuel did talk some of getting a buggy and paying a visit there. But we have not got anything fixed up yet nor can’t well until Allen and family gets away.

Samuel has rented fifty acres of ground to put in wheat 14 or 15 miles from Decatur. He is out there now. They started yesterday, him and the boys. They take the wagon to tent in while they put in the wheat. Allen and family is visiting round for the last time. They left home yesterday. I was all alone last night and will be again tonight with the exception of Rose and Mary. But I am not afraid.

I received your letter dated July 31st in due time and was glad to hear from you and that you were well. I want you to write often and don’t forget me. I would like to have some of your good apples. I have not had a good apple this summer, nor seen a ripe tomato. I can’t say how I like this country yet but I don’t like the crowd. Just as I expected (don’t say a word). Excuse my short letter. I will try and do better next time. I conclude with my love to you all.

Sarah C Blain (3705) Sarah C Hess (3563)

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