Wednesday, February 23, 2011

1851 May Letter to Sarah Blain (3705) in Chillicothe, Ohio

The letter is written in ink on paper. It is addressed on one side to Sarah Blain (3705) with the text on the reverse. The bottom is frayed. The author appears to be a child or young woman. The last name appears to be McKay, but is not clear.

Ms Sarah Blain (3705)

in haste


Chillicothe, Ohio May 1851

Dear Ms Sarah Blain (3705),

I have sit down to write to you again to let you know that I have not forgot to write to you. We are all well, I believe as usual, and I hope that you are enjoying the same blessing.

Mother has gone down to your house and took Gertrude with her. I seen
Mr Renick last Sunday. Jim and Gertrude and I were a going down to the bridge last Sunday and as we came back he overtook us on horse back and he said that he seen that Rebecca Dolan was back. He ask me if I was a going to school. I said not. And he said that I reckon that I had to stay and work. He said that he could not go much longer.

Now Sarah, you must not think hard of me of writing such. You must not let any body see this. I do not let Elisebeth Miers see it or any body else. I will ­­___ a prayer when we get to the Pa____ .

I want you to write as soon as you can. No more at present but still remain your dearest friend.

Mary I. McKay

Ms Sarah R. Blain (3705)

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