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1859 May 6 Letter to Sarah Blain from Elizabeth Nagy

Letter written in ink on three sides of large folded sheet of paper, dated May 6, 1859, from Elizabeth A. Nagy[?] in Payson, Adams County, Illinois, to Sarah Blaine (3705) in Chillicothe, Ohio.

May the 6th 1859

Payson, Adams County, Illinois

My dear friend,

It is with pleasure that I sit down to let you know that I am well at present and hoping that these few lines will find you enjoying the same. I received your letter and was glad to hear from you. I like the country very well, and the people.

I went to school all last winter and I enjoyed myself very much. I don’t intend to go to school this summer but I intend to go next winter for the last. I have often thought of the times that we have spent a going to school together.

You wanted to know if I was a going to get married. No, not very soon as I know of. But I have been a listening for your wedding this long time. Sarah, I would like to see you and talk with you the best in the world. I heard that your Mother (3565) had gone crazy but I hope it is not so. Tell William (3562) that I think that if he would come out here his ague would leave him. Does Hannah Chestnut live at home now?

We have great times of big meetings here. I never heard tell of a camp meeting till we come here. They jump up as high as the treetops and crack their heels together and the girls holler glory to god amen! Why they had eight weeks, every night and day, and they shouted continual. And they have meeting three times a week. Yet we can hardly raise a party any more. They are all so religious. There has been a big meeting not far from us. It lasted five week and it ended last week and there is another one a going to commence next Sunday again and I do not know how long it will last.

You didn’t say a word about your mother. Mother would like to hear from her
very much. Father and mother sends there love and best respect to your mother (3565). They all send all their love and best respect to you.
It is a getting late and I must bring my letter to close. You must excuse my bad writing. You must answer soon. So no more at present but remain your inquiring friend.

You must write answer soon
to Miss Sarah Blaine (3705)

Eliza A Nagy

I wish you well
I wish you better
when you get married
you must send me a letter

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