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William Chandler's Journal (pages 1 - 20)

The ledger is 7 ¼” x 4”, with marbled hard paper/cardboard cover binding paper pages. Entries begin in 1789 and continue to 1970. Entries appear in a wide range of handwriting. I believe the ledger to have originated with William Chandler (3512), and to have passed down to his heirs over more than two centuries. The following entries are transcribed from the front to the back of the ledger.

Page 1 (horizontal)

Hard Varnish
Gum Shellac 2 oz
Gum Shindrock 1 oz
A Pint of Spirits of Wine

Put it in a glass bottle and dissolve it slow by the fire

Page 2 (h)

A Cure for a Distemper in Horses or a Fistilow

For a fistilow make the tar milk warm and put in the place affected --------
a distemper put a coverlid over his head and smoke the tar up his nostrils

Page 3 (h)

July the 24 1789
Entered working with Mrs. Evans Left of the 2nd of August

Wednesday August 26th
Began working for John Wallis Paid L2-12-6 (2 pounds 12 shillings 6 pence)

Page 4 (h)

July (overwritten August) the 2th 1789
Left Oliver Evans

Page 5 (h)

John Wallace D October the 3- 1789

To Balance ........ L1-9-2-

Page 6 (h)

John Willis Credit 1789

Oct 10th 1 Pint of Rum L 0-0-6
Oct 12th 1 Pint of Rum 0-0-6
17th 1 Pint of Rum 0-0-6
17th Cash 0-1-6
20th 1 Pint of Rum 0-0-6
22nd 1 Pint of Rum 0-0-6
24th 1 Pint of Rum 0-0-6 1/2
27th 1 Pint of Rum 0-0-6 1/2

Page 7 (h)

Gage for a Reel

(Drawing) Compass it 6 times round then take the 6 part off the 15th --- the size of your head and there remains the length of your spokes.......

Page 8 (vertical):

Receipt for Painting Green

Take 1 ½ oz of yellow ochre 5 oz white lead 4 oz of Green Verdi grease these ground in oil and to it put 8 gills or 1 quart of thin varnish This the best Receipt Allowed By John Brooks Princetown New Jersey

Page removed from ledger.

Page 9 (h)

1789 Oct the 14
Boden Q Wade finished 7 whorls at the 3rd Oct
The 16 finished 3 whorls Oct
The 17 finished 2 Reels @ /9
The 19th 1 Reel
Finished a smith ....1/6
Making a pair of (?) @ 1/6 - 6
The 24 finished 6 whorls
The 26th Mending a Reel 1/6 - 6

Page 10 (h)

Oct the 28th finishing 4 whorls
Oct the 31st finishing 4 whorls

Page 11 (h)

John Wallace D to Omar Boden
1789 to finishing 16 whorls at the
3rd L 10 (10 pounds)

Page 12 (v)

Receipt to cure a sore breast or to take away a lump that still
remains after heated.

Take hard turpentine Spirit of turpentine Beeswax and tallow melt them all together to make a soft ointment if to dissolve a lump in the Breast put in
red Bolus powder if to be had

Receipt to cure Deafness

Get the blather of a pole cat put one drop in the Ear once a Day for three or four Days

Receipt to cure a scald head dew worm or ring worm

take a kidney fat and all of a sheep and roast it before the fire with tar under it boiling and let the fat drop in it

Page missing from ledger.

Page 13 (v)

Receipt to cure the flux

Take port wine I suppose Whiskey may answer & old cheese & sugar put half pint or better in a tin & crumble the cheese in & sugar put it on the coals and stew it cover it when stewing take a little of it through the day

Receipt for worms

Take spearmint pound it and put it in a cup and sprinkle sugar on it pour on so much whiskey as will cleverly cover it warm it and set on fire and let it burn out take out the mint give it them to eat

Page 14 (v)

Receipt to cure the Dropsy

take three spoonfuls of red onion juice three spoonfuls of spearmint juice three times a day until cured

Receipt to Break a Swelling

take wheat bread and boil it down in sweet milk then put in Butter & Salt so as to make a good poultice & apply it

Receipt to Cure Bad Sores

take half a pint of good clarified Beeswax half a pint of flax seed oil & a lump of verdigrises the bigness of a chestnut & join proportion Winter add a little oil summer wax.

Receipt to Cure the Consumption

take brimstone alum ginger & Resin Equal Quantity then mix it with honey so as to make it about like polish wax take about as much as will lay on a (?) knife or the bigness of a chestnut.

Page 15 (h)

November the 17 – 1789
Anton Bourding with whilliom Hutchinson

To make the Extract of Saturs (?)

Take one pound of lithurage and put it in an earthern vessel and add to it a quart of the best vinegar and let it boil or rather simmer for and hour stirring it all the time with a paddle and then strain off the liquor for use – to use it take a spoonful of water and drop about twelve or 15 drops in it then bathe the PART WARM

Next page blank.

Page 17 (h)

John Wallace D to Omar Bodens
1789 sixteen

Next page blank.

Page 19 (h)

Received of Omar Boden the sum of one pound ten shillings on Account
of L 3-12-0 I say received of me this 1 of January 1790
Henry McAnally (?)

Next three pages empty.

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