Tuesday, February 15, 2011

1793 Sept. 6 Letter to William Chandler (3512)

Letter written in ink on paper. Paper is multi-folded. Letter is addressed on one side and written on the opposite side. It is from Sarah Griffith in Warrington, Pennsylvania (just north of Philadelphia) and is addressed to William Chandler (3512), believed to be living in Washington County, PA (south of Pittsburgh.)

Warrington Township, York County, the 6 of 9 mo., 1793

Respected Uncle (3512),

Having an opportunity of writing to thee I may inform thee that some of us is but poorly with a disorder in general called influensy. I may inform thee sister Rebekha (3513?) was married last fall to one of the name of Griffith, and lives about two miles from us, and we hope likely to do well. I was expecting thee would have had an account of the like proceedings to have sent to us before now, though it seems thee has not accomplished that frightful undertaking.

Now I may inform thee my proceedings in that undertaking as thee is an absent valentine. I have concluded to change my way of living in about two months and I would be very glad to have thee at the accomplishment thereof.

Now I shall conclude, still hoping thee will endeavor to oblige us with thy company on the first of the 11 month next. Father remembers his love to thee and desires to see thee. Excuse my writing for I write in haste and with a very bad pen.

Sarah Cook (Griffith) as yet

William Chandler (3512)

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