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1855 Jan. 26 Letter to Sarah Blain (3705) from Anna Bell (3703)

Letter written on two sides of a single sheet from Anna Bell (3703) in Pleasant Plains, Iowa to Sarah Blain (3705) in Chillicothe, Ohio.

Pleasant Plains Iowa Jan 26th 1855

Respected Cousin I prize the opportunity of writing a few lines to thee to inform the that we are in middling health at present. Hoping that these few lines may find you all enjoying the same blessing.

Father has so far recovered as to be able to go around the house but has not been off the place. Nancy Paxson (3696) has been sick and also John Bell (3698) and Thomas C (3697) have been sick all with the same fever. There is more sickness in this settlement than usual this fall.

We have had a pleasant winter until the past week. It commenced snowing and blowing last seventh day night and never ceased until after noon first day when the snow ceased but the wind blew and the snow drifted very deep in places which makes it very bad going to school. I think that if there is as much snow there as there is here there is plenty for sleigh riding.

It was said the thermometer was 14 degrees below zero and it has been cold ever since. I was at school to day and have been going two weeks. The school house is only half a mile from our house. Martha (3700) is the teacher.

We would be glad to see Uncle William (3562) and Uncle Hess coming out to look at the country and if they come I hope they will like it so well that they can hardly wait until fall if thee was to come to Iowa. I do not think thee would ever want to go back to Ohio. There may be pleasant scenes there. I do not know. But I think I should prefer a new country if thee will come out and take a walk over the prairies. I think the would be charmed. As far as the eye can reach there are flowers of every color and kind mingling together.

I do not mean thee can see them now for the prairies are covered with snow. But in the months of May and June when we have nice weather and pleasant showers. I do not wish to flatter but I should like to see you all.

I received a letter from thee dated December 24th. From the time it was dated and the time I received it it must have been some time a coming.

Pork is low this season. The average price is from 2 ½ to $3. There was a great deal of pork in the country.

Father wishes to know if you can give us any information concerning Samuel Holton (?), whether he still lives in that settlement or whether he has moved off or if he is living.

I must bring my letter to a close as I have written all the news.

Please write as soon as thee gets this and let us know how you are getting along.

No more at present’

Anna Bell (3703) to Sarah C. Blain (3705)

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