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1839 Certified Copy of William Chandler (3512) Ross County Will

A certified copy of the last will of William Chandler was recorded in Chillicothe, Ross County, Ohio, in 1839. The document is an ink on paper copy of Chandler’s 1837 will. It is written on four sides of a single folded sheet.

In the name of the benevolent Father of all, I, William Chandler of Ross County in the State of Ohio, being advanced in years, but of sound mind and memory, do make and publish this my last will and testament. Item 1st. I give and devise to my son William Chandler all my lands lying and being in Scioto Township and in Franklin Township of Ross County in the State of Ohio and also all the stock of cattle, hogs, sheep & horses on the said lands, together with the wagons, grass plows, and other farming utensils of every kind and description upon the conditions herein aftermentioned. Item 2nd. I devise and bequeath to my daughter Rebecca Bell the sum of four hundred and twenty dollars besides the eighty dollars I have heretofore given her, she having received her mother’s dowry from her grandfather. Item 3rd. I give and devise to my daughter Sally the sum of seven hundred dollars. Item 4th. I give and bequeath to my daughter Hannah Blaine One hundred dollars. Item 5th. I give and devise the beds and bedding to my beloved wife to be retained by her or divided amongst her children at any time when it is convenient or she may deem expedient, and it is my desire that the balance of my household and kitchen furniture be retained by her and my son William for the use of the family after my decease during my wife’s lifetime, and at that time to be the property of my son William except the bureau which is to go to my daughter Sally. Item 6th. In lieu of an assignment of dower interest in my land, I expressly charge them with the comfortable support and maintenance of my beloved wife and it is my request and desire that my son William will give and provide her with a comfortable support during her life from the proceeds of my said lands – and also that he shall pay to her the sum of one hundred dollars if called for during her life for her own private use and benefit, but if it is not called for by her or any part of it during her life time, that no further account shall be taken of the same. Item 7th. For the purpose of discharging the aforementioned legacies, I expressly declare it as my design and intention that my said son William shall receive the lands and other property hereby devised to him upon the condition that he shall pay all of said legacies from the proceeds and profits of my said lands and other property in four equal annual payments to bear date from the time of my decease, unless he finds it convenient and prefers to pay them sooner, in that event he may discharge them or any part of them at an earlier period. These legacies I am confident from the available means in hand may all be paid without inconvenience by my son William and it is my request and desire that if any accident or misfortune should make it necessary that my children will mutually contribute towards the support of either one that might be in need of the others assistance. Item 8th. I further give and devise to my daughter Sally my horse diamond and two milch cows whenever she may stand in need of them. Item 9th. I do hereby nominate constitute and appoint my son William Chandler my sole executor of this my first and last will and testament, and request him when I shall be called home to see that I am buried in a respectable manner, and that he will to the best of his skill and abilities carry into effect the provisions of this my will after paying any debts that may at that time be outstanding against me.

In Testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this twenty first day of October in the year 1837. William Chandler (signed)

Signed and acknowledged by said William Chandler as his last Will and testament in our presence and signed by us in his presence.

John L. Taylor
Wm Ross
William Miller

In the matter of the last Will and Testament of William Chandler late of Ross County decd. William Chandler the younger and the executor named in said Will this day produced the same in open Court and thenceforth came William Ross William Miller and John L. Taylor Esqs, the outstanding witnesses to said Will all of full age who being severally examined under oath in open Court touching said Will, the said William Ross deposed and said that he was called upon by the said William Chandler the deceased to sign said will as a witness thereto that the said decedant acknowledged the signature & seal and the execution thereof to be his act & handwriting & seal and that the same was his last will and testament, that said decedant then was of sound mind and memory & discretion and that this deponent did accordingly witness said Will which is now here exhibited, that said decedant was under no restraint at the time and that he declared it to be his last will and testament that said decedant was also of full age.

Wm Ross

The said William Miller being duly sworn deposed and said that he also signed said will as a witness at the special request of said William Chandler the decedant. That said decedant declared that he executed and signed & sealed the same as his last will and testament and declared it was such, that he was of sound mind memory and discretion at the time, and requested this affiant (?) to witness it as such, and that said decedant was of full age and under no restraint at the time.

William Miller

The foregoing testimony of William Ross & William Miller witnesses to the will of William Chandler decd. was reduced to writing in open Court & signed by them & ordered to be filed and recorded.

Humphrey Fullerton, Clerk

The State of Ohio, Ross County --- (?) I Humphrey Fullerton Clerk of the Court of Common Pleas for the County aforesaid due hereby certify that the foregoing is a true copy from the records & files in my offices.

(Embossed Seal -Common Pleas of the County of Ross)

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal of said Court this 29th day of July AD 1839.

(signed) Humphrey Fullerton Clerk

William Chandler

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