Tuesday, February 22, 2011

William Chandler (3512) - General Notes #4:

William is the recipient of two letters (1835 and 1836) addressed to him in Chillicothe. The first is from his son William (3562); the second from his daughter Rebecca Bell (3559).

In 1837 William Chandler (3512) drafted a last will and testament leaving his real property in Ross County’s Scioto and Franklin townships to his son William (3562), and dividing his personal property between his children and wife. A certified copy of the will was filed with the Common Pleas Court during the summer of 1839, several weeks after Chandler’s death, as part of the probate proceedings recorded in Ross County, Ohio. Once again the paper is signed by Clerk of the Court of Common Pleas Humphrey Fullerton who signed 1823 court records listing William Chandler as Defendant and Felix Renick as Plaintiff.

The Court of Common Pleas in Ross County appointed Richard Tomlinson, Isaac Lunbeck, and Felix Renick as appraisers for the Chandler estate. Their 1839 record of Chandler’s personal property showed live stock including a horse, 36 head of cattle, and 59 head of hogs. Furniture included two bedsteads, beds, and bedding; one dining table; one toilet; a half dozen Windsor chairs and a half dozen common slat bottom chairs; and one lot of kitchen furniture. Axes, iron wedges, and old log chains are listed. The appraisal lists “one note on Vincent and William Harrison,” and cash on hand in the amount of $130.00. Total value of all personal property is $1,021.00. The description and value of real property is not noted in probate records, although Ross County tax records should list Chandler’s real property holdings in 1839.

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