Monday, February 21, 2011

1824 May 4 Ross County Court Judgement, William Chandler (3512)

Written in ink on half sheet of paper, a Judgment in the Ross County, Ohio Supreme Court, Chillicothe, dated May 4th 1824. Felix Renick by William Chandler (3512).

Judgment in Ross Supreme Court

“Felix Renick
William Chandler (3512)

Received of William Chandler (3512) the Defendant Ten
Dollars, the docket fee in the Supreme Court and Court
of Common Pleas in the above case. Also twelve dollars
and fifty cents, the jury fee in the Common Pleas and
in the Supreme Court, amounting in all to twenty-two
dollars and fifty cents.

Creighton L. Bend
Atty for ----

May 4 1824”


“ F. Renick
by ---
Wm Chandler (3512)”

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