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1855 June 10 Letter to Sarah Blain (3705) from Charles Blain

Letter written on two sides of a single sheet from Charles Blain in Sharonville, Pike County, Ohio to his sister Sally (Sarah) Blain (3705) in Chillicothe, Ohio.

Sharonville June 10th/55

Dear Sister (3705)

I take the present opportunity of writing you a few lines. For the past time I believe we are all in good health at present and hope that these few lines may find you the same. That is the best news that I can send you now I believe. Cold wet weather and hard times I believe is the worst news. I understood by your aunt that you & Mary Jane thought of coming down soon. I should be very glad if you would conclude to come & all the rest of the folks would like to see you very much. So don’t spoil a good note on and conclude to come if you have no convenient way of coming. Drop me a few lines and I will come up after you in a Buggy or in a canal boat. Just as you should prefer coming. There will be no difficulty in getting home again as I can take you back at any time you wish. On your receiving this send me a few lines and let me know what you have determined. Or if you have given it out I should come up and talk to you about the matter. I have been looking for Wm down for some time as he said he thought of coming down. But my looking has been in vain. And as for your mother it seems hardly worth while to expect her to come as some of the rest gets off. I go darn lost the day I left your house on the old Boat. The driver was asleep when I got on. But we waked him up and got along pretty fast. Tell Mary if the packets only run as they once did it would be little gamble to come down.

I suppose the present stage of the river doesn’t make Wm feeling any more agreeable than if the river was low as I understood from Old Mike that the river was over considerable of his ground. At least the farmers down here are considerable down in the mouth than that have corn in the low bottoms.

I suppose you have entirely recovered from your sickness as Old Mike said you are all well (I saw him here today)

Hannah says she sends her love to you and says you must come down before she can come to see you. She says you & Mary must be kind and come. Tell Mary I send my best respects to her and the rest of the family and am sorry I did not call on her the last time I was up. The only reason I have to offer is that was considerable under the weather at the time and had been for some time prior to that. Have to bring this to a close. You must not neglect to write as I shall expect you to on the recipt of this. I remain as ever

Your affectionate brother

Chs. Blain

To Sally C. Blain

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