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A Genealogy: The Beginnings of the William Chandlers in America

NOTE: The genealogy continues with three additional posts to the blog dated 2/8/11.

George (01) and Jane (02) Chandler immigrated to Pennsylvania from Wiltshire, England, arriving in Pennsylvania in December 1687. The family genealogy is recorded in “A Record of the Descendants of George and Jane Chandler (who immigrated to Pennsylvania from Wiltshire, England, in 1687) with a Pedigree of the Chandlers of Oare, Wiltshire,” published by the Chandler Family Reunion Committee in Philadelphia in 1937. The materials were originally compiled by Gilbert Cope for, during, and after the family reunion held in 1887. The book traces the family back to 1252 – during the 36th year of the reign of King Henry III. Numbers in parentheses following names are those assigned by Gilbert Cope and used in the family genealogy.

It is believed that George Chandler died aboard ship en route to Pennsylvania. Jane arrived with her children and remarried several times. The children of George and Jane Chandler include:

George Chandler (03), born in England 06/14/1671 and died in Chester County, Pennsylvania in 1715. He married Ruth Bezer.

Swithin Chandler (04), born in England 09/06/1674 and died circa 1742 in Chester County, Pennsylvania. He married Ann, whose maiden name is unknown.

Jane Chandler (05), born in England 07/09/1676 and died in 1726 in Chester County, Pennsylvania. She married Robert Jefferies circa 1692.

William Chandler (06) and his descendents are detailed below.

William Chandler (06) was the fourth child of George and Jane Chandler. William was born 12/08/1678 in England. He married Ann Bowater 07/10/1712. He died in 1746 in London Grove, Chester County, Pennsylvania.

William Chandler (3503) was the son of William (06) and Ann Bowater Chandler. William was born 02/20/1718 in Pennsylvania and died 02/28/1795 in London Grove, Chester County, Pennsylvania. William (3503) is the earliest Chandler from whom we have a written document in his own hand, a letter dated 1791.

William Chandler (3512) was the son of William (3503) and Rebecca Allen Mode Chandler. William (3512) has left a number of 1789-90 journal entries and a 1794-95 log in his own hand. We also have his 1797 wedding certificate to Hannah Winder, and a number of Ross County, Ohio land and court records dating from 1807 to 1839. According to Gilbert Cope, his siblings include the following:

Joseph Chandler (3509)
B: 10/12/1757
D: 1817
M: Eleanor Caples 05/04/1788

Allen Chandler (3510)
B: 10/31/1759
D: 12/23/1834
M: Sarah Pyle 05/13/1789

Thomas Chandler (3511)
B: 10/25/1761
D: 01/08/1823
M: Ann Lamborne 1785

Rebecca Chandler (3513)
B: 11/09/1766
D: 02/13/1853

NOTE: A 1791 letter from Rebecca and William Chandler (3503) to his son William (3512) notes the death of Hannah Chandler, the sister of William (3512). The letter also mentions Joseph Chandler (3509).

William Chandler (3512)
B: 12/25/1764
D: 05/10/1839 at 8:00 p.m.
M: Hannah Winder
B: 10/11/1766 (Bucks, PA)
D: 10/13/1803 at 9:00 p.m. (Ross Co., OH)

Children: Rebecca Chandler (3559)
B: 11/11/1798 at 6:00 p.m. (High Bank, Ross County, OH)
D: 10/04/1869

Thomas Chandler (3560)
B: 09/11/1801 between midnight and 1:00 a.m.
D: 10/09/1801 at 11:00 a.m.

John Winder Chandler (3561)
B: 10/10/1802 at 10:00 p.m.
D: 05/29/1805

M: Sarah Harrison 04/12/1809 (04/14/1809 by Ross County, Ohio records)
D: 05/19/1839 at 7:00 p.m.

Children: William Chandler Jr. (3562)
B: 02/07/1810
D: 11/21/1875

Sarah Chandler (3563)
B: 08/16/1811
D: 03/18/1858
M: Samuel Hess 1851

Thomas Chandler (3564)
B: 10/17/1812

Hannah Chandler (3565)
B: 10/17/1814
D: 11/29/1904

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