Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Undated Letter to Sarah Blain (3705) from Emma

Letter written in ink on four sides of two folded sheets of paper. The letter is addressed to Sallie (Blain) (3705) from her friend Emma. The only date is Wednesday evening. Based on content, it appears to date from the summer or fall of 1862 while Sarah is in Granville undergoing the water cure.

Wednesday Eve

Dear Friend Sallie,

I received your letter a week ago last Monday but you will excuse me for not answering sooner for I have had a toothache ever since. I had the tooth drawn, but it did not do very much good for it ached as bad as ever until yesterday. We are all well. I am glad that you are getting well so fast for I think tis a very hard lot to be sick. I would like to be with you this evening. I do not think we would sleep much. I have to sleep by myself and I do wish that I had you here for company. Hurry and get well and come and stay with me when John and Ettie goes away. I’ll be so lonely then. They talk of starting in about 6 weeks. Their boy is so large and fat and pretty too. That is on account of his name. Brother Jim and Annie went home last Sat. Their little girl is very delicate. She is never very well.

I heard today that Gil Penick was expected home today. John Riley did not succeed in getting a commission. I guess his father was not quite as free to buy as Old Gregory. He went to Columbus for to get one for Fil. John would have been the best officer. Dan and Issac (?) have good times now. Joe Lunbeck is still at Charleston. Beck Chesnut was down to Sharon not long ago and staid 9 weeks. She says all the boys have volunteered. Alex too. I guess her and him have dissolved partnership some time ago. I do not know how soon they leave but not very soon I know.

Sallie, if the boys have not all gone away before you get back we must make a visit to Sharon and try and get a fellow down there for our fellows here have all left. George Stinson will be home next week. His 9 months are up next Sat. You need not be afraid of Joe Trigo going to war for they are all frightened for fear of being drafted. John and Mat are keeping house. If you was here we would go to see her. I have not seen Jennie Trigo since I got your letter but I will tell her when I see her. Mr. Nelson is very attractive to her. I recon it will be a match.

We had a sort of a picnic here last Friday on Lunbeck’s Hill, just what few young folks are left home, and about 6 or 8 from town. It was tolerable good. We had no music such as violin and I did not enjoy that so much, you know. Dan Penick had the blues all day on that account. Fil McCan did not attend. Sida said he was sick. I guess the true reason was that he knew you would not be there. Sallie, you ought to write to him recommending the water cure, that would be a good excuse to start a correspondence. I got a letter from Meg Stinson a week before I got yours and have not answered it yet. She had been in poor health, and had the toothache for 2 or 3 weeks. Meg --- to have told that for all we can guess the cause. I write to Fowlers Mill, Grange Co, Ohio.

It would be nice to go to the seminary there when you get well. I believe I would if I was you. I know you would have better times there than here, for we do not see a fellow once a year here. If you would go to the seminary a term or 2 you would have such pleasant acquaintances and might come across some nice fellow. I believe tis best to marry as soon as you can get a good fellow. I intend to marry the first one I fall in love with if I can get him. I never have had the luck to fall in love very deeply.

Becca Lunbeck, Hat, & Will went to Columbus today in their Rockaway. They will stay about a week. I want you to write soon and do not wait as long as I did for I would not have done so if I could have written. I put off writing while I had the toothache until I have to answer, and I answered yours first. So I’ll not have the occasion to delay again I hope. I want you to pick out a fellow for me up there if you can spare one. I must close for it is more than bed time and I am very sleepy. I could write all night and not get done telling you what I can think of but you must hurry home and come up and stay with me and we will settle this matter! Dallie Renick has gone south to live with his people. Tell me when you are coming home and I’ll come straight to see you next day. I must say good night. Ettie said to give her love to you tell you thank you for your kiss to Frank.

From your loving friend Emma

Write soon

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