Wednesday, March 2, 2011

APPENDIX B: Notes on Land Transactions by Miss Laura and Miss Edna

A 1913/14 notation in a family ledger maintained by Miss Laura and Miss Edna records payments made to one C.A. Blain for “labor and materials. The same listing records payments made to “Chill. Hardware.” On May 1, 1914 Edna and Laura sold a farm to C.A. Blain for $17,000. It seems probable that the land sold was the family farm located in Ross County, Ohio, and that C.A. Blain was a relative on their mother’s side of the family.

On November 30, 1914 Laura and Edna purchased an 80 acre farm in Missouri from S.C. Tobin for $13,000. On February 22, 1915, they purchased an additional 80 acres in Missouri from W.B. Lunbeck for $11,200. (Note that Lunbeck is a name closely associated with the Chandlers in Chillicothe, Ohio as far back as 1824, and documents singed by or referring to various Lunbecks appear throughout their history.)

The property purchased from W.B. Lunbeck was sold for $16,000 on January 3, 1921. On March 1, 1923, Laura and Edna purchase another 80 acres of land in Missouri from S.J. Wilson for $12,000. This appears to be the last land transaction made by Laura and Edna until Laura’s death some 40 years later.

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