Tuesday, March 1, 2011

1864 Apr. 22 Letter to Sarah Blain (3705) from John Blain

Letter written in ink on one side of a half sheet. Dated April 22, 1864, Omega, Ohio. From John Blain (?) to sister (Sarah Blain) (3705)

Omega, Ohio April 22, 1864

Dear Sister (3705),

We have not heard from you for some time. We have been looking for you down here every time the packet goes down. We are all well. There is a widow woman living here, Mrs. Sampson, that has a little boy about ten years old. She wishes to get a place for him. We thought you might want him. She requested me to write to you and let her know.

Come down as soon as you can. Also I would like if Uncle William (3562) and your mother (3565) could come and see us. If you cannot come down, answer this as soon as you get it.

Yours truly John Blain

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