Tuesday, March 1, 2011

1862 Sept. 28 Letter to Sarah Blain (3705) from Hannah Blain (3565)

Letter written in ink on two sides of a single folded sheet. Dated September 28, 1862. From Hannah Blain (3565) in Ross County Ohio to Sarah Blain (3705)

Ross County, State of Ohio
September 28, 1862

Dear Sarah (3705),

We received you letter dated the 18th and was glad to hear from you. We got your letter on the 26th. We are all in common health at present. You say the doctor wants you to stay till frost comes. I think if we could get a good rain we would soon get frost. But the ground seems so dry the grass is burnt up. The pears are ripe now. Some of them are rite nice.

The doctor asks if you have got home. Rebecca Lunbeck was down a week or so ago. She was looking for a letter from you. She sends her love to you. Galet has not fetched Mike home yet. He is seeding with him, but they say it ain’t no trouble for a woman to ride him.

There is some ague about town and some deaths. William (3562) says that if you want any more money to write as soon as you get this letter so as you can get it before you start home. I shall be glad to see you at home again.

I must conclude these lines as the sun is down.

Hannah Blain (3565)

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