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1864 Dec. 17 Letter to Sarah Blain (3705) from Steven Slane

Letter written in ink on three sides of a single folded sheet. Dated Dec.17, 1864, from Steve to Sarah Blain (3705).

Sharonville Dec.17th 1864
Miss Sarah Blain (3705)

Dear Sallie (3705),

Allow me so to call you, for you are dearer to me than life its self. And the only being who can claim my confidence, though unworthy. I fear you think me rather a strange unfeeling man, and my conduct towards you goes to convince you, but feeble words cannot always express the feelings of a grateful Heart.

Sarah, my love for you is beyond expression. I have loved you since first we met, and with shame I acknowledge that I have not the Heart to make the same known to you before. And the result was more than I expected. I think I ought to be the happiest person on this Earth. Yet I cannot but regret my utter unworthiness of your love and esteem.

Sarah, I propose paying you another visit about the 25th of this month - that is if the weather will admit. And if I should fail to come at that time you must not feel disappointed. Rest assured I will not disappoint you unless something serious takes place. But if I should fail to come the 25th I will be sure to be there on the 31st.

Sarah, I feel very anxious to see you. There is some things that we should have a more perfect understanding about, and until we meet we will just let them rest as they are. I will not attempt either to ask or answer any of the questions that will naturally arise, but let them rest until we meet again. Which I hope will not be very long. Until I see you again time will hang heavy on my hands.

The Health of the folks is good. Hannah is still talking of visiting you. Hattie appears very anxious to visit you. There is nothing going on here nor is there likely to be anything for either Christmas or New Years. The youngsters of this place and vicinity are dead. All they need is some kind friend to bury them and then the world will be rid of them.
Well Sarah as I did not start out for a letter, “only a note,” I shall close. Hoping and longing to meet you, and then I hope to be able to claim you as mine own for life.

Sarah, having all confidence in you, allow me to subscribe myself yours forever in the bonds of Truth and Love.

My compliments to your Mother (3565) and Uncle (3562). Reserving a goodly portion for Sallie.


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