Tuesday, March 1, 2011

1875 Aug. 17 Letter to Sarah Blain Slane (3705) from Sallie A. Renick

The letter is written in ink on four sides of a folded sheet of paper. I believe the letter is to Sarah Blain Slane (3705) in Chillicothe, Ohio in 1877 and refers to the death of Stephan Slane on August 14th. The letter is faded and difficult to transcribe.

Clintonville, KY Aug 17th

My Dear Dear Friend

When I think of you tonight in your loneliness and bitter grief I cannot rest until I send you some --- to tell you how deeply I feel for you. & we all are sympathizing with you. For all who knew your husband can feel how miserable is the loss you are ---tonight. His rare good nature, his amazing cheerfulness, his warm kind heart made him a friend whose place can not be filled by any other. I have not shed such bitter tears for the loss of any friend since we were called to feast with Hattie. For Mr. Slane was always a warm good friend to me, one on whom you could always rely and whose empathy and assistance never failed me. How little I thought when we parted with gay laughing words at your gate that I should never see the face of my friend again in life. All through his illness I prayed so earnestly, hoped so fervently that he might be again returned to health. That he might be spared to you and the dear little ones he loved so well. It is hard now to say “God knows best” but I have been taught this lesson in many ways. My trials have been as nothing compared to yours. The “shadows on me” are not like the cloud which makes all life look dark to you. But I pray that God may comfort you and grant that you be not crushed by your grief. That He may make easy the path for your feet where --- you have had such a loving guide and protector. I am thankful that my brethren were with him in his illness, that they were --- in some measure, and repay his unceasing kindness to us in our time of trial. How glad I should have been had they laid him in our cemetery. He should have been placed herein for he was one with us in all a childs and brothers kindness to my father and his body should have been laid with us --- least once to --- he had been such a tireless friend. Oh, my friend, I wish I could comfort you, but such grief is almost comfortless. I can only tell you how I --- --- --- and how sad my own heart is tonight. There is only comfort in the thought “I shall go to Him but He shall send --- to me.” Try to remember that, and not to think to much of the darkened path. Your tired feet must walk alone. And the added cares and responsibilities when thrown upon you. And when you --- of --- ,when your burden seem greater than you can bare, may God be with you and comfort you and sustain you.

Your loving friend,

Salie A. Renick

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