Monday, January 16, 2012

Correction to the Genealogy: Hannah Chandler (3565)

The following new information corrects inaccurate data entered in the Chandler family genealogy:

Hannah Chandler (3565) married Charles Blain in Lancaster, Fairfield County, Ohio on 14 August 1837. Charles Blain died on 6 July 1846 in Sharonville, Pike County, Ohio. Their marriage resulted in a single child, Sarah Chandler Blain (3705), born 7 May 1838 in Ross County, Ohio.

According to a "Claim of Widow for Service Pension" filled out by Hannah Chandler Blain on 20 September 1878, Charles Blain had been married previously. Sarah had not. During their marriage, they resided in Ross County, Ohio. Charles had lived in Virginia before their marriage.

Supporting documents show that Charles was a veteran of the War of 1812, having served as a quartermaster in the Virginia Militia from September through December 1814 under Capt. A. Hamilton. Charles Blain enlisted in Rockingham County, Virginia and was discharged at the end of his service.

Charles is believed to have married Sally Goins (Gains, Gaines) on 5 March 1816 in Rockingham County, Virginia. It is believed their marriage resulted in at least two children: John, born in 1825, and Charles, birth date unknown.

Charles is described on the claim as about six feet tall, heavy set, with dark hair and complexion.

Supporting documents show that Hannah Chandler Blain received a land warrant # 91,373 for 160 acres as a result of Charles' service, and that she received a pension from 1879 until her death in 1904.

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  1. Charles Blain, son of Charles Blain and Sally Goins (Gains, Gaines) was born about 22 Jul 1833 in Ohio.
    Susan Thompson